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Tom obtained a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin with an emphasis in computer science and digital design.

He first worked at the Applied Research Laboritories in the area of using computers for SONAR target tracking and classification. .

Tom left ARL to join IBM in Austin. He worked on the earliest token-ring products, Ethernet and later, FDDI and ATM. Later, an opportunity became available in the area of the Telecommunications and Media marketing support area. After a while in that area (and several trips to Europe), a new opportunity in management appeared. Then, he was a development manager of a high-speed storage networking department. Then he moved to an OEM alliance area where he supported OEM accounts, primarily in Europe. In Sept, 2005, he retired from IBM and started Adams Computer Rescue. He has over 25 years of PC experience and has been helping non-profits with all their computer and internet issues for over 14 years. He handled all the computer and internet issues of his wife's business from 1992 to 2005 when it was sold.

On the personal side, Tom spent has been on the board of a local aid agency, has helped another aid agency set up and maintain their computers for 14 years and now helps other aid agencies. He was on his church's outreach committee for 17 years. In addition, he taught a class he designed, "Planning Your First European Vacation", for 12 years at local community schools and travel agencies. He has a real interest in European travel and culture. He has been to Europe 60 times and the next trip will be in 2012 to Ireland.


If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.